#DeathByPowerpoint — ban the two-title slides now

The title is your billboard. I said it and I say it again.
#DeathByPowerpoint courtesy of the UK Government. Note also the absence of a title.
Thanks to Angus Malmgren for spotting this during one of those epic UK government slide presentations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Note: this was intended for the general public.
The text overload. (Source: YouTube)
The uber-detailed figure. (Source: YouTube)
The overwhelming bullet point list. (Source: YouTube)
The two title slide. Why two titles?
A one title slide that passes the glance test.
Use the first sentence to introduce the paragraph. (Source: Don’t perish! A step by step guide to writing a scientific paper.)
Assertion-evidence approavh and templates by Michael Alley, Penn State.



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Biologist; passionate about science, plant pathogens, genomics, and evolution; loves travel, food, and sports; nomad and hunter-gatherer.